One other great thing we did in March was that we joined the Frauen-Kochen Session at “Über den Tellerrand Kochen”. We had the pleasure of cooking with 6 Afghani ladies who introduced us to “Ash”, an Afghani herb soup. It contains dill, coriander, parsley, beans & noodles and it is topped with mint oil, yogurt and a meat sauce.

Traditionally this dish is topped with Kashk. Kashk is curdled milk that is left to ferment and dry. After drying it into a hard substance you can then add it to water to make a unique dairy sauce.  

We have a hard time getting our hands on this product in Berlin – so ended up using yogurt as a substitute. But we are keen to get our hands on it so if anyone has a tip where we can find this product, please let us know!!

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