We started this concept back in 2012 – to encourage berliners from different ethnic backgrounds to share a meal inspired by their mothers & grandmothers and with it share stories and tales from their home & cultural roots – take a look  here to see a few snippets of past dinners honorig mothers from Peru, Iran, Indonesia to name a few…

This year we are bringing back Mothers Mother by focusing on refugee women who now call Berlin their home. These dinners will be set up like a celebratory banquet. Guests will be invited to drop in throughout the day and taste an array of dishes, meet the ladies and get an intimate insight into their cultures and story.

Make sure you are signed up to our newsletter to get invites for dinners beginning summer 2016.



What better way to get to know food loving people than to cook with them? Thinking about that and about providing a casual opportunity for immigrant cooks to showcase their favorite dishes from home, we created Mother’s Mother Cooking Sessions. This initiative is also a great starting point for immigrant/newcomer chefs that would like to participate in the Souk Berlin project to get engaged.

We meet the Chefs, buy the ingredients and cook with them and we all invite friends to have dinner with us. In the process we make friends, engage in meaningful cultural discussions, laugh and have some of the best food we have ever had.

We currently hold these events at our own homes or in community centers around Berlin. Please contact us and let us know if you would like to participate in this initiative by cooking with us, sponsoring an event or just showing up and hanging out with us.



In a time when most conversations and news center around negative aspects of the refugee crisis, it is vital to highlight organizations and individuals who focus on solutions, not problems. Impactful and long term solutions almost always come from initiatives that focus on building and nurturing community experiences.

Souk Berlin is determined to continuously forging community engagement THROUGH FOOD. Food has often played a powerful role in helping people develop a deeper understanding and connection to different cultures.

Berlin has recently experienced an extraordinary growth in amazing initiatives and organizations striving to make our city a better home for refugees. Many of them are successfully utilizing FOOD in connecting newcomers to Berliners.

Souk Berlin is proud to host United Street Food, a market that brings together the most significant such initiatives, established food vendors, individual chefs and the local population under one roof: Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg.

As part of our mission to create opportunities for immigrants (old and new) in the food industry, United Street Food places newcomer chefs in the position to gain firsthand experience in working and serving food in a market environment.

The event will be a great opportunity for the local population to connect to newcomer chefs, initiatives, organizations, individuals and communities. Beyond that, United Street Food is delicious festival of food from around the world!

So please join us on July 31st in Markthalle Neun, Kreuzberg and visit our Facebook event page for more details!



Kebabistan is a new food party that aims to celebrate the KEBAB – a perfect example of the ultimate culinary integration dish in all its forms – its time to put this dish on a pedestal and encourage a new age of Kebab development with 2nd generation kids and chefs in the new foodie movement.

We have invited the old school grill masters in the city (Adana grillhouse, Orient Eck, Doyum etc) as well as the Chefs of the new food scene in Berlin and they have all been briefed to make a Kebab dish. We will have a mix of Arabic, Turkish, hip hop music some live music as well & an after party.
Kebabistan aims to:
  • Encourage the new Chef scene to embrace Turkish & Arabic food cultures.
  • Give 2nd & 3rd generation immigrant kids access to the new food world in Berlin.
  • Create more pride in existing immigrant food cultures and contributions in Berlin.
  • Make the Kebab the new burger!

Get ready for the first Kebabistan! Happening at Prince Charles Club in Kreuzberg. JULY 16th, 2016! Please find more information on the event’s Facebook Page.




Souk Berlin will have a stand on various Food markets and events around town. Sometimes we will have our own stand and other times we will partner with existing vendors and have them collaborate with our chefs. This initiative will give the opportunity for our Chefs-in-training to get first-hand experience in running a food stand.

We are very excited to announce that the first such collaborations will happen at Markthalle Neun, where Mani in Pasta will collaborate with Suleyman’s family to create the best Mantu (Afghani steamed dumplings topped with beef and split pea sauce) this city has ever seen. Stay tuned!